Strategic Planning

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About the strategic planning and community input project

Libraries are more than just books. Libraries provide a venue for group meetings, self-improvement classes and materials, study spaces, craft classes, homework help, youth reading development, outreach to nursing homes and daycares, online services and more. Libraries also provide access to technology to ensure all patrons have the ability to live efficiently in the digital age. 

Some libraries have digital media labs, workshops or kitchens. Other libraries have telescopes and musical instruments available for checkout. The possibilities are endless, but what does the City of West Fargo need?

In 2020, the West Fargo Public Library started a process to help define the future of the library. The end goal of this process is to create a vision for the library that ensures our services meet the needs of the growing West Fargo community. At the end of this process, you will have access to a library with programs and services you helped shape by sharing information about what is important to you.

Community input is the most important part of the planning process. We want to hear from you! Last fall, we conducted interviews with library users and non-users. This spring, we are conducting a community-wide survey. The thoughts and ideas received through these different channels will help us understand your needs. Learn more about our community survey:

Upcoming events and public input opportunities: 

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Click here to take our Community Input Survey in English

Strategic Planning Phases

Strategic Planning Flow Chart