Dumpster and Roll-Off Service

Dumpsters and roll-offs are available from the City of West Fargo for commercial accounts and residential construction projects. 

For large projects, such as construction projects, cleaning, remodeling, the Sanitation Division has two options for rental – dumpsters and roll-off boxes. 

Virtually everything can go into a bin, except items that are classified as hazardous waste, appliances or tires. The unit should be emptied every time the garbage is level with the top of the container, not over the top of the container. 

OptionsSize(s)Project Type
Dumpster6 yards
  • Small remodels
  • Cleaning
Roll-Off Box20 or 30 yards
  • Renovating
  • Large projects

Commercial Dumpster Service Fees
Dumpster SizeMonthly rental feeMonthly service fee
1 yard$7$50
1.5 yards$7$60
2 yards$8$65
3 yards$9$80
4 yards$11$90
5 yards$13$105
6 yards$14$120
8 yards$17$150

*Monthly service fee listed is based on one dumpster service per week.

Roll-Off Rental Service Fees
Pull rateTipping fee per ton

To order a dumpster or roll-off box, contact the Sanitation Division at 701-515-5400.

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