When is my garbage and recycling collection day?

In West Fargo, the City of West Fargo collects residential garbage and Waste Management collects residential recycling. The city is divided into five different zones, each with its own collection day (see Sanitation Zones Map). Garbage is collected once a week and recycling is collected every other week.

On collection day, up to three trucks will visit your residence to collect garbage and recycling - a City of West Fargo garbage truck, a City of West Fargo large material truck and a Waste Management, Inc. recycling truck.

The time your materials are collected may vary week to week. Therefore, residents should place their materials at the curb by 7 a.m. on collection day and allow the trucks until 5 p.m. to pick up the materials.

If your collection day falls on a holiday, your revised garbage and recycling days may be different. Please see the holiday calendar for further information.

For questions about garbage collection, please contact the City of West Fargo public works department (701-515-5400).

For questions about recycling collection, please call Waste Management (1-888-960-0008).

For more information about residential garbage and recycling, visit the Sanitation and Recycling page.

Recycling page.

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